How it works


Magic Whiteboard is an instant reusable whiteboard that sticks to any hard, flat surface using static!


Each sheet of Magic Whiteboard is charged with negative static electricity. This allows the sheets to stick to any hard, flat surface instantly. Write, draw and erase your Magic Whiteboard with any standard dry erase marker. When you are finished, Magic Whiteboard removes without leaving marks or residue on your walls. 



Magic Whiteboard is great for 

  • Consultants and trainers who travel 
  • Offices with lots of wall space or windows
  • Presentations and group learning
  • Homeschooling 
  • Brain storming 
  • Organising busy families
  • Learning outside
  • Wall calendars


Other innovative uses for your Magic Whiteboard 


Did you know that Magic Whiteboard won a TV show? 


Dragons' Den is an invention TV show that airs in the UK. Neil Westwood, Magic Whiteboard's inventor, pitched the idea of instant whiteboards and won! Magic Whiteboard is now the most successful Dragon's Den investment of all time. The products are sold throughout stores in the UK, US and 20 other countries including Australia and New Zealand!


Watch the episode of Dragon's Den here! 


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