Magic Blackout Blind Safety Information

Please note that Magic Blackout Blind is for temporary use ONLY and should not be applied to the windows permanently. Magic Blackout Blind has been designed to be used early evening until morning and for afternoon naps. Do not leave on windows in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

When Magic Blackout Blind is not on a window place the sheets on a hard flat surface, such as a wall or wardrobe door. This will help keep the static in the sheets.

Magic Blackout blind can be safely applied to normal single glazed or double glazed windows, the type you would find in a house or office. 

DO NOT APPLY Magic Blackout Blind to laminated glass, windows that are strengthened with wire, textured or patterned glass, triple plane glass, Velux windows or similar roof lights. These windows have been specifically constructed and require their own recommended blinds. Rippled or frosted windows, including skylights, are not suitable for Magic Blackout Blind. This is because they are not completely flat and the blind does not have enough surface area to stick. 


Applying any window film to windows that have damaged or weakened edges, visibly chipped, cracked or other glass damage will increase the risk of thermal stress to glass which in very rare circumstances can cause damage of the glass. Please check windows before applying the Magic Blackout Blind as we will not accept any responsibility for any glass damage subsequent to the application of the blackout blind.


We will not be held responsible for any glass damage resulting from our film to glass compatibility not being followed by purchasers of our products.