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Magic Whiteboard is the original and the best instant whiteboard. Magic Whiteboard uses static to stick to any hard surface. This means there is no need for glue, blu-tac or tape. Set up a whiteboard anywhere in seconds and remove without a mark. Lightweight, portable and versatile, it is great for trainers, teachers, professionals and parents. Use it for group sessions, entertainment for the kids or even a projector screen.





Magic Blackout Blind is an easy, temporary solution for window coverings. Create a sleepy dark room for the whole family. Easy to use, portable & lightweight, Magic Blackout Blind is perfect for use at home, at work or on vacation. The Magic Blackout Blind uses Magic Whiteboard's famous static to stick to any window using static. The easy tear off sheets install in seconds and remove with out a mark. Great for traveling families with young children or FIFO shift workers. 




The Magic Blackboard has all the great features of it's sister product, Magic Whiteboard. Ideal for kids, create blackboard menus in restaurants, pubs and cafes, use when playing darts to keep score. The Magic Blackboard is so versatile, use it at conferences, presentations, training events and brainstorming sessions.

Magic Clearboard

is a transparent version of our classic Magic Whiteboard! Just as versatile, it sticks to any hard flat surface using no tape or glue. Stick Magic Clearboard over a document to make amendments or stick it on a window to keep your office full of light. 

The gridded version of Magic Whiteboard is specifically designed to retain ink after a few hours. This makes it easy to prepare for a training session or presentation. Simply use a Magic Gridboard and stick your information to any hard surface instantly.